The Ranter/ October 7, 2020

Well, crap!!!! Today we lost part of my childhood…REST IN PEACE Eddie Van Halen! You were definitely a huge part of the soundtrack to my youth!! FUCK YOU 2020!! You have managed to totally fuck up my life!! I spent the day in a virtual conference with a vendor….multiple executive sessions…and almost all of them were focused on diversity, inclusion and all the rest of the ” woe is me” crowd of BULLSHIT!!! Guys, I was born in the 70’s, spent my teen years (graduating) in the 80’s…fuck your whiney bullshit. We were the generation of great drugs and AIDS!!! We have spent most of our lives living with a death sentence due to the things we did during our youth!! I luckily don’t have a drug problem (alcohol and nicotine, sure) or a fatal autoimmune disease. But that could be up to the luck of the draw or the fact I was actually careful in my youth. But ( and God, I sound like an old man) these snowflakes today!! Grow a fucking set of balls and grow the fuck up!! Life sucks at times but you have to just power through it. You have so many more advantages than any generation that came before you! GROW THE FUCK UP!!!

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