Random thoughts on 10/20/2020

The Ranter/ October 21, 2020

The last couple of weeks have been interesting. As I might have stated and may not have stated, I am a divorced man, well into middle age, with a biological son that is 10 years old and a daughter by love that I raised for half her life, who is now 16. When she turned 16, it really hit me that I am no longer really in her life. My ex-wife has remarried to a fairly nice guy, from what I know. He is now the guy celebrating those days with her. It is ok, but weird. Even though my ex and I have been divorced for several years and she has been remarried for over a year, for whatever reason this was a startling revelation to me on my daughter’s bday.

Then when I had my son her for my weekend, he asked me a question, that surprised me. He asked me, if the little town I now live in has a school. I explained that it didn’t. His next question was, is the town I lived in now smaller than the town he lives in with Mommy? I explained to him yes it is. He next asked, if he was to live with me, where would he go to school? I explained to him that, if that was to happen, Daddy would put him in one of the private schools near his work. That would allow him to ride to work with him each day and Daddy would drop him off. Then he would either go with the daughter of the lady I am seeing (and will probably marry) after school and stay with her and the sitter till Daddy got off work. I also told him all he needed to do was let Daddy know that he wanted that and Daddy would do everything in his power to make it happen.

I am beginning to feel that he is not happy with his current living arrangements and I am not sure exactly what to do about that. I am letting him bring things to me and trying my best to support him as much as I can. But I have to admit, at times, I do feel like a failure. He does talk to me about most anything and I know he also talks to the lady I am seeing. So hopefully between us, we are getting a clear picture of the situation.



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