October 26, 2020

The Ranter/ October 27, 2020

I haven’t been here for a few days…why you ask…because I have spent several days with my son! I love that youngin more than I have words! I became a father with his older sister, when I started dating his mother. We married and then we had my son. I still love his sister just as much as I did when I felt like I became her dad.

Not sure she still feels like I am her XXXXXX, she never called me Dad or Daddy but by my name. She now has another step-father…and I pray that he loves her like I do. She will always be my baby.

I am now dating someone, that I plan to make my wife as soon as we can make that happen. She has a daughter that has already become my child. Not sure the girl, truly understands that, but I will always be there for her! She is a truly beautiful young lady, both inside and out. Even if, God forbid, something happens between her mom and I, she will always be able to rely on me.

Ok, enough of my drunk rambling….time for bed!


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