October 21, 2020 – thoughts

The Ranter/ October 22, 2020

I will start with this is gonna be a rambling post…so if you can’t keep up…sorry but not sorry.

Today at lunch, with my beautiful lady, the restaurant had on Fox News…and I was listening to the people in general…I have to admit, I hate almost all media…everyone puts their own spin on everything. If you are one of those people that believe everything you read and see without questioning it…YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT!!!!

On another note, I am tired of dealing with idiots!! I deal with them everyday on my 30 minute drive each way to work….and YES!! I live way out in the country…I love where I live but the people on my drive each way are IDIOTS!! Then you add in the folks, I deal with at work. Especially, the MF auditors. If there is any single group of people, on this great green planet, that should have been drowned at birth…it is AUDITORS!!! I work in IT and I keep getting audited by and MF ACCOUNTANT!!! This individual doesn’t even understand IT and they are telling me how to do my JOB…FUCK YOU!!!

To those of you that are offended by anything here…move on!!! This is my page and I am clearing my head!! This is my page and I will say what I want!

The lady I am dating, has a beautiful daughter. Her ex, though, is an idiot!! He chose not to call this beautiful young lady on her bday, first thing. Even though he was off!! Me, I called her first thing and subjected her to my horrible singing! Why, because I think she is one of the most special people on this earth!! Even if things between her mother and I fail, I will always be there for her if she needs me!!

Ok, I am about to go to bed…later fuckers!!


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