November 18, 2020

The Ranter/ November 19, 2020

I know I have been quiet for awhile but I have been busy, work, life, hunting. But now that I actually have a little time to myself, I wanted to say a few things. This will be random but hey it is just my train of thought.

  1. The election…if you candidate won, congratulations…if you candidate lost, consolations! Now shut the fuck up about it and lets get on with life!!!
  2. If you are too stupid to read an email and follow the directions…please DO NOT take to social media and complain because you couldn’t do what you need to do! Cause if you do, I will comment on your social media post and explain that you are FUCKING STUPID!!!
  3. In relation to the item above, the more education a person has, the less likely (in my opinion) they are to actually read the email, much less understand plain english!! But they are the first (well, maybe second, if you count the snowflakes I have to deal with) to complain! I take great enjoyment in pointing out that they are FUCKING STUPID!!!
  4. If you are remodeling your house, not everyone wants to hear about it, see pictures of it or even discuss it with you at all!!
  5. Elementary Science Teachers, I love you!!! But when you aren’t the custodial parent, it is hard to help your child with their project without all the documentation. Just because you send it home to the custodial parent, DOES NOT MEAN the non-custodial parent will see it!!!
  6. I love hunting!!! I truly do! But where i hunt, is roughly an hour from my house. That isn’t an issue but it does require coordination events to be able to get there and hunt. I do plan on hunting most of the week of Thanksgiving, provided I can and I am not working on a elementary school science project with my child!! Otherwise, he and I will be doing our best to help control the deer population!!
  7. I work in IT. I am convinced that the majority of the population does not understand IT!! But at the same time, the majority of the population thinks they do and try to impart their knowledge on those of us in the profession! All they do is make us laugh!! And the worst ones are those that have higher degrees!! I understand you have a MBA or a PhD in XXXXX but that has nothing to do with IT and every time you open your mouth, you sound like an idiot!!

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