February 7, 2021

The Ranter/ February 8, 2021

Ok, folks…been a little while since I have posted anything….I have no excuse besides, I just haven’t wanted to post alot.

I have waited to see what the new president would do…well, guess what, he is just as fucking stupid as I thought. I pray that him and his vice president and the stupid fuckers in congress, don’t drive this country full blown socialist…but time will tell.

I am not a huge Trump suppporter…but damn, even the idiot that can’t shut the fuck up was better than this current asshole.

And as I sit here not watching the Super Bowl, let me give you my thoughts on Tom Brady and the NFL. They have decided that this asshole is the face of the NFL and they will do whatever is needed to make sure he wins. And no I haven’t watched even one minute of the Super Bowl…fuck it. The outcome was predetermined before the season, as far as I am concerned!

Now on to another topic…In my opinion (as if anyone is concerned), if any of you haven’t listened to Frank Foster, Muscadine Bloodline or Tom MacDonald…DO IT!! Frank Foster is one of the best country singer/songwriters in the business. Muscadine Bloodline is beyond a doubt the best country music duo out now!! And Tom MacDonald, well damn… I am not a rap fan but the man does nothing but spit the truth!!!


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